Happy Pride

We did it! Cologne premiered this past Wednesday at San Francisco’s Roxie AND we reached our $5K Kickstarter stretch goal from the generosity of 100 backers! What an incredible night. We were honored to have so many wonderful supporters in the theater along with some of our key creative team. Here I am with Kyle, Bradley, Ryan and Sam.

Thank you to all who were there to share in the experience. To those who couldn’t make it, I can’t wait for you to see the film as it starts traveling later this year!

Premiering at Frameline37 alongside a program of fantastic films was an amazing thrill, and the synchronicity of the moment was lost on no one. The morning started with the impressive Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8; and the day ended celebrating the first public screening of our short film. Without question, Wednesday’s theme was simply, “Love is love.”

It was also 3 years ago this week that Kyle and I finished our first “Take the Initiative” challenge, a monthly effort to inspire ourselves by tackling new projects. Our success there directly sparked our drive to make Cologne a theatrical reality.

And of course, this month – and this week specifically – is a time when we all go out in public to express our LGBTQ pride, pride in being part of a community that values our collective rights to live and love authentically over all kinds of prejudice and fear.

Kyle and I are so proud of this moment, and also thankful, appreciative and grateful for all of the incredible support we have received over the past several years. So many people honored us with kind words, talent, time, passion, funds and creativity – it’s phenomenal. Thank you to Ryan, Sam, Zoe, Dagmar, Bradley, Cat, Buddy, Steve, Winston, Susan, Susan, our on-set crew and everyone else on our production team. And special thanks to all those who backed our Kickstarter campaigns! Without all of you, Cologne would still be an unrealized dream.

So what’s next? Kyle and I are busy submitting to festivals around the world. We’ll keep updating you as we are able to confirm new screening dates and can’t wait for you to see the film. Thanks again and happy pride!



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    So proud of my guys!