introducing the team

From left to right, meet the team:
Me, Kyle Ranson-Walsh, Story Manager at Pixar Animation Studios and recent graduate of the MBA in Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts. My job is to keep the trains running on time while keeping the conductors well-fed and inspired.
My brother by nature and collaborator by good fortune, Brendan Ranson-Walsh. A graduate of the University of Arts in Philladelphia, Brendan is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. It is his original choreography that sparked the vision for this short. He also conceived of the narrative, is writing the script, and will be directing the project.
Sam Shenova serves as our visual guidepost, creative inspiration, and comic relief. He currently teaches graphic design at Pratt Institute and recently completed his MFA in Painting at the New York Academy of Art.
I’m so thankful that Pixar brought Zoe Boxer into our world. A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, Zoe has a wealth of directing, production & design experience across multiple platforms. Her calm, wise spirit keeps the rest of us on track.
The plan is to start rolling camera in July so the clock is running. More to come…


  1. Hope Manley

    Love it and love both of the RW siblings xo

  2. margeewalsh

    Awesome – and so cute!!