30 Dec
Wrapped for the Holidays

2013 has been a phenomenal year for Cologne. We finalized the edit, mixed sound and color, fully funded a Kickstarter completion campaign, premiered in June at Frameline37 and screened at film festivals throughout the Fall. Not only was Cologne named a Festival Favorite at Cinema Diverse in Palm Springs, but it received a Jury Award

05 Oct
Palm Springs Hearts Cologne!

I love Palm Springs. It’s gorgeous and has an air of nostalgia that I just adore. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when Cologne was accepted to Cinema Diverse – The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. I recently returned from the festival and it was a blast. There were so many

10 Sep
New Trailer & More Screenings!

We’ve had a busy summer following the Cologne premiere in June. Kyle bid adieu to a decade of California dreamin’ to move to Brooklyn. We’re psyched to finally just be a subway ride away from one another. All the better to collaborate on new projects. Meanwhile, we’re happy to finally share with your our official

29 Jun
Happy Pride

We did it! Cologne premiered this past Wednesday at San Francisco’s Roxie AND we reached our $5K Kickstarter stretch goal from the generosity of 100 backers! What an incredible night. We were honored to have so many wonderful supporters in the theater along with some of our key creative team. Here I am with Kyle,

26 Jun
24 Hours Until Cologne’s World Premiere!

We’re just 24 hours away from our World Premiere! And 24 hours left in our Film Finishing Fund on Kickstarter! We’re already over our original goal and very very close to hitting our stretch goal of $5,000. Even more exciting is the number of people who have contributed to Cologne. Thank you! Thank you! See

17 Jun
Creating Cologne: Meet Editor Bradley Furnish

It takes a village to make a film. Even when it is short. Today we want to introduce you to our incredible Editor Bradley Furnish. Bradley is one of those multi-talented fellows who seems to be able to handle anything you throw at him. I first was wowed by his work through a series of

31 May
Preparing to Premiere!

We’re premiering at Frameline 37!  I can’t believe it. Kyle and I dreamed about this moment for years and now it’s just weeks away. We still have a few details to polish before Cologne is ready for its big debut, but very soon we’ll be wrapping post production. I’m actually just now returning from an

26 Nov
Weekend Out West

I recently returned from San Francisco after a full weekend immersed in editingCologne – and I’m feeling pumped. After finishing filming earlier this year, we reviewed and logged all of our footage. I made extensive notes of every take, detailing …

14 Aug
Cutting it up

Just last week we got to review the first bit of cut footage for Cologne and we’re SO excited! Each stage of this movie-making process has been both rewarding and challenging, but there is something about the editing phase that feels uniquely thri…

04 May
Birthday gratitude…

Brendan and I are exactly four years and four days apart. I always loved the symmetry of those numbers, like we are really twins separated by a math problem. All too often we’re also separated by thousand of miles. But despite the fact that we hav…