Weekend Out West

I recently returned from San Francisco after a full weekend immersed in editing Cologne – and I’m feeling pumped.

After finishing filming earlier this year, we reviewed and logged all of our footage. I made extensive notes of every take, detailing the shots that totally worked, those that might be able to work, and the ones that really didn’t work. It was a harder process than I anticipated. Beyond the expected challenges that might arise, imagine watching yourself on screen over and over for hours on end. It was an intense time, to say the least. Luckily though, we were left with plenty of gorgeous footage and just needed to start putting it together.

Enter Bradley Furnish. Bradley is our editor and he has been incredible to work with throughout the past few months. With only my notes and basic background information on the project, he was able to capture the spirit of each scene and weave together the contrasting elements of this short film with ease. Seeing our hard work and vision start to come alive as I reviewed the first cut was one of the most thrilling parts of this entire journey.

Because Bradley’s based in San Francisco and I’m in New York, we passed files back and forth online for weeks. Once we had pieced together all of the elements though, it was time for me to fly out west and move us closer toward our first full rough cut. Fortunately, our production team’s schedules aligned in October for a weekend of non-stop cutting. With Bradley at the helm, along with Kyle and Zoe, we worked long days to sculpt the story’s structure and fine tune all of the details.

Each step of this movie-making process has been rewarding, but the editorial phase has been simply extraordinary. After two days of dedicated time together, we’re closer now than ever. With a few minor edits, plus color and sound, this short film is becoming even more than I hoped it could be. And I’m so grateful. More to come soon!

– Brendan


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